My computer is going on three years old now and has acquired a few odd quirks. The fans don’t seem to work anymore, it has no idea what sleep is, and frankly it loves to play audio files from my hardrive at odd hours of the day. Perhaps it is a love hate relationship? Maybe this is a way that my pc is telling me that it loves me? All questions I asked myself while working on this video. I utilized different audio to create transitions while also distorting them and warping them in order to create the look of something being not quiet right. The same can be said for the shots I used as well. Continue reading

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Pitch Three Ideas


For this part of my class I was to pitch three ideas for possible short films before narrowing down to the one that will become my short film for the year.

My three ideas are as follows:

When a Goblin is wrongly thrown in jail just for being a monster, he must use his monstrous talents to acquire his salvation or face execution via the king’s men.

  • I have always liked goblins and in most fiction I see them treated as pests, monsters, and very rarely in a positive light. For my short, Glick, a goblin who was thrown in jail just because he is a goblin. The short would show him getting thrown in jail and then have him trying to reach a key in the neighboring cell.

A worried child tries to win the affection of his mechanical crush, cyborg.

  • The world can be scary, especially for children. When they find something that interests them they can momentarily forget about the world and attach themselves to it. For the child of this short he finds a security robot and falls in love with it.

After failing an exam, a man shuts himself off from the world and tries to absorb all the knowledge he thought he already knew.

  • Failure can be a wonderful thing. It makes you change what you know and pushes you to do better. Yet for a lot of people failure can mean the end of the world. Especially for a college student who stays up all night to study for an exam. That failure can be devastating and create thoughts of “Where did I go wrong?” or “What happened?” Looking back at their failure they snap and go back to the books he spent all night studying. Slowly the college student’s sanity gives way to dull text blocks and inky text. Leaving nothing left but an empty shell.



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Glitch Video

Link to download the video:

For this exercise I had to delve into adobe after effects for the first time in my life. In this video I applied various effects in order to warp the video and make it appear glitched. The original video was about building up and accumulating noise and until finally exploding. However in this video I used an effect that distorted the audio which I think enhances the over all product.

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Journal #1 Wish List and Proposals

Entry 1 Wish List

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Adv. Modeling, Texturing, & Lighting – Alstom Project

Here is my train for the Alstom project.

rendered train image

Continue reading

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Interactive Media: Documentation

I was a member of the grey wolf group that was part of the Animals Interactive project. We had to team up with a biologists in order to communicate research in animal behavior or conservation.

Over the course of this project I was tasked with drawing backgrounds art. Starting with charcoal sketches and working my way towards Photoshop. I then had to create backgrounds using just Photoshop. I have never had to do shading before and as such it was a very big struggle for me. However I did my best and created the work you see bellow. Continue reading

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Interactive Review #3:

When I went to the Rochester Science Museum this last weekend I wasn’t expecting much. Perhaps a statue or two of famous scientists, maybe an interactive kiosk of gravity or something. I was going to be sitting down in a chair for a couple of hours and wait for someone to play the game that I helped create. Service to say I was not expecting the sheer number of cool interactive exhibits that I got to actually play around with! There were many kiosks that I ended up playing around with however one that stuck out for me was the pulley system kiosk on the second floor of the museum. Continue reading

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