Interactive Media: 10/19 check in

Today I made the access panel for the control panel. A simple box with a lid that can be just pulled off. Inside the box is the control panel.

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Montage Project: I observe

Day by day I wonder what the world looks like. I look around and see how things are and what’s going on. I’m an observer. I wonder what the world looks like through my classes and without and how my view on things change. Continue reading

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Still life

Headphones, A mace, A game console, and a mug with a jar in it.stilllife

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Interactive Media: 10/17 models

For today’s class I created a fuse box, it’s panel, and some screws for the player to unscrew. I also created a fuse, both broken and not broken.  Continue reading

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Production 1: Documentary

I love playing Magic the Gathering. It’s a fun, rewarding, and makes for great memory making. However I don’t believe a lot of people actually know about Magic let alone how to play the game. So for this project I decided to create a documentary on how to play. Dialing it down to what composes each step of a turn in a game. Continue reading

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Interactive Media: Analyzing the Juice

I’ve had to think of this a lot, out of my collection of games which ones are the juiciest? Which ones give the best feedback when I play them? Well out of my collection I believe there are two games that I own that are the juiciest. Yakuza 0 and Final Fortress.  Continue reading

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Interactive Media: Check in 10/12

For today’s check in I worked on a control panel design. I think of the control panel as a series of several on and off switches. These control the lights, the power to certain parts of the ship, the door controls, etc. However before you can access the panel you have to pull off the lid which on the inside should contain instructions on how to progress. It seems like the ideal place for such instructions. Continue reading

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