Interactive Review #3:

When I went to the Rochester Science Museum this last weekend I wasn’t expecting much. Perhaps a statue or two of famous scientists, maybe an interactive kiosk of gravity or something. I was going to be sitting down in a chair for a couple of hours and wait for someone to play the game that I helped create. Service to say I was not expecting the sheer number of cool interactive exhibits that I got to actually play around with! There were many kiosks that I ended up playing around with however one that stuck out for me was the pulley system kiosk on the second floor of the museum. Continue reading

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Proposal for final project

There are many kinds of entertainers out there, stand up comedians, movie stars, let’s players, and critics. Name a form of entertainment and you will find someone critiquing on it for nothing is perfect. What once was seen as a masterpiece can give way to cliched junk as time goes on. Most entertainment don’t age like fine wine.  Continue reading

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Cider Creek Hard Cider project: Winter’s Cinn

Out of all the labels I saw and got to physically get my hands on I liked Winter’s Cinn best. I love winter themed goods and I wanted  to take my shot at designing a label for it. Snow themed, and a simple message on the poster for easy understanding. Continue reading

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It’s the little things, the dripping of a faucet, the tapping of nails, the pounding of hands on a desk, etc. These little things cumulative and can result in stress building up. These noises clutter the mind resulting in pain and discomfort. Until ultimately you break.
Continue reading

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Everyday we have to deal with the products of our environment, the sights, the sounds, the warmth of the sun, the chill of the rain, etc. For me this is even more apparent. Think of a maelstrom of images, sounds, and feeling combined with a slowly snowballing headache. This is a feeling I’ve had to deal with more and more as I grow older.  For this up coming project I wish to symbolically show this to the viewer.

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Still Life with Textures

This semester I have been working with Maya a bit more and getting into substance painter. For this project I created four objects that help represent an aspect of myself. A mace for my love of playing Boffer, a form of LARPing. Earbud headphones to represent my love of music. A hand held game console to represent my love of video games and my first ever handheld system. And lastly a health potion to represent my love of Dungeon and Dragons.  Continue reading

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Interactive Media: 10/19 check in

Today I made the access panel for the control panel. A simple box with a lid that can be just pulled off. Inside the box is the control panel. The player will have to pull the lid off in order to access the controls for the escape pod. Continue reading

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