Mimic House

You are wondering through the woods, you’re lost and haven’t found a sign of life for what feels like miles. You stumble through some brush and find a house in the middle of nowhere. A house with eyes for windows. Each level made up of a different material from wood, to shingles, to brick. Strange eye stock like chimneys reach out from the roof and you get the feeling that they are looking down at you from on high. Your stomach growls and you get the scent of something sweet coming from inside. You step forward onto the strange tongue shaped carpet and reach for the door and are never scene again.

You’ve been tricked and devoured by the Mimic House. 

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Concepts, Moodboards, Concept image, and Log lines.

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Kav the Kobold concept Why do people seek the unknown? Is it to find to find answers? To discover trinkets of gold and wealth? What kind of people look for the unknown? What would such a journey entail? Logline: A … Continue reading

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Production 2: Who needs sleep?

There have been times where one does not get as much sleep as one should. For me it has been quiet some time since my last night of good rest. I often wake up just as tired as when I go to try to go to bed. I often do not dream and frankly when I do I suffer from nightmares much more than I dream. For me, sleep is rarely pleasant.

Many nights where I simply cannot find rest I decide to turn on the television and watch whatever is on in the early hours of morning. Often times I see manipulative adds with sad music.

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Production 2: Gogehime, The Quest for Sargon campaign introduction.

After a semester of burn out and a multitude of various technical problems I am glad to be at the end of the spring semester. So for this project where I was given creative freedom I wanted to create a trailer for my summer dungeons and dragons campaign set in my new world of Gogehime.

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Production 2: Lighting Demo

This was the first time I have ever used the lighting equipment we had on campus. I was tasked with showing the differences between using different light set ups.

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Production 2 Project: Macabre Thoughts


We all have those people we talk to when we need to vent. However for some such as our protagonist one has to seek council from other sources. Even if the source itself would be nothing a normal man would think of. For it is when we are alone that our inner person comes out. Free of the restrictions of people’s ire. And as such we do not have to sound clear, concise, and to the point. We may ramble and scream at the top of our lungs if we wish. Or wallow quietly away from society’s prying eye. It is here where we find our protagonist in this state of self imposed isolation and freedom. Continue reading

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My computer is going on three years old now and has acquired a few odd quirks. The fans don’t seem to work anymore, it has no idea what sleep is, and frankly it loves to play audio files from my hardrive at odd hours of the day. Perhaps it is a love hate relationship? Maybe this is a way that my pc is telling me that it loves me? All questions I asked myself while working on this video. I utilized different audio to create transitions while also distorting them and warping them in order to create the look of something being not quiet right. The same can be said for the shots I used as well. Continue reading

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