Journal for week 6 – Animals, Reflects, and People

For this weeks research I decides to try my hand at animals, seeing as how I have never drawn an animal form before I wanted to explore new ways and see how my artistic skill could grow. I watched two tutorials on how to draw animals, A pigeon and a dog.

Here’s the Pigeon video :

I tried my best to draw the avian pest know as the pigeon, as anyone with a car in the city can tell you, they’re evil birds, but enough about that. I tried as best I could on this first drawing and I think it came out pretty nice honestly. Although I could improve upon it by moving the head back a bit and give it a better shadow then the one I gave it. Regardless it’s not for a first attempt at drawing an animal.


For the next animal I decided to draw man’s best friend, the dog! After all dogs are loved by many a pet owner and I do wish to try drawing my american-Eskimo breed at home over this coming spring break. So why not get my feet wet by trying to draw a dog like this:

And here’s my results after watching said video:


Admittedly it’s not the best but this was my first time drawing the canine figure. You got to start somewhere right? At the very least now I have the basic idea of what a dog is supposed to look like, I actually have three dogs at home and one dog that ironically enough and as unlikely as it seems, looks quiet a bit like this. He is a very skinny dog named Comet which belongs to my sister. The poor dear is very skittish and this sketch reminds me a lot of him. Perhaps I will draw Comet as well now that I think about it. Most definitely I will!

Moving on to this:


This is what I see every time I look out my window at knight. Especially the Golem in the center, with it’s piercingly bright light. I always image the bright light right outside Mac Shack is some sort of piercing Golem that stares you down through everything, even though my curtains and sheets. I see myself in my reflection as well and see that my shirts are always wrinkled and unfolded after a long day of college and work. I see washing machines that are almost always never used for some reason, I guess nobody likes those machines but I like to think they’re secretly eyes that stare back at me and watch me much like how the Golem does.

And lastly:


This is a sketch of a young chap I found in the game room down in the Student Learning Center, he was wearing a hodie which I frankly liked drawing actually. He had been standing beside me playing Super Smash Bros. with some other chaps for a good ten minutes or so. He was stiff like a statue minus his hands which I could not see, other wise I would’ve sketch them along with the rest of his figure. It astounded me that he stood so still and thus I just had to draw him, funny thing is, he still staid motionless for another twenty minutes after I finished. Over all I think I captured his figure as best I could even though the angle I was at didn’t allow me to capture much of his face.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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