The Lizard Family: Maya project

May pictur

For this project I decided to do the father’s bedroom, I wanted to see what I could do and as this was my first time ever using Maya I wanted to do the best I could given my lack of experience. However I think I pulled it off pretty well. There were a few errors here and there but I think it came out rather well over all.

Here is the father’s aka Bob’s bedroom:

First and foremost the walls are indeed rock and there are no windows due to the fact the family is made up of alien lizards who do not need to breath to survive. They require little sunlight as they are actually albino, however they do require liquids such as water or juice, hence the giant bowl of water by the bed. The mother uses the father’s room as a storage bin as well not to mention the father’s own miscellaneous items that he can never seem to unpack, ever since they moved to this rock home. Two books stand out, both being instruction manuals for his jobs. He has a cabinet by the door so he can quickly get his clothes and get dressed when he comes home. The few time he is home however, he sleeps on his soft stone bed and uses a smooth stone rock pillow for his scaly head.The floor is sandy due to the fact lizards enjoy nice warm sand on their scales which is helped by the fact Bob keeps a heat lamp in the room that keeps it nice and toasty in his room.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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