Journal for March 30th: Head practice, Skull practice, research

For drawing pictures of people this week I decided to try drawing my friend John. In the span of two hours after drawing and help from some of my other Digital media arts peers, I was able improve my drawing skill incredibly. It just goes to show, some times.

Here is the first picture which I tried drawing while John was focusing on something in front of him, giving me a good view of his face from the side


I didn’t use much line weight or shading to really make the image pop. I was trying to do a rough sketch but decided to move on to a new picture after spending too much time trying to capture the image of his glasses and not enough time on his facial features.

This is the next picture


For this picture I tried using more line weight and a bit more shading in order to try getting the hair right. I tried to make it aparent that the nose had a nostril but used too much shading and made it too visible instead of making it subtle. I didn’t use enough force when crafting the face and had few if any amount of leading lines.

For the third drawing I tried to do something a little different. I tried to stylize a bit and was trying to draw an old man who resembles a druid.


I used better shading on the eyebrow making it truly pop but at the expense of neglecting the rest of the face. I put too little pressure on when I was drawing the face before moving onto the next drawing. I drew the lips too round. I added accessories to add to the look of a druid.

And now a practice picture.


For this picture I was trying to do a quarter turn view while also practicing drawing glasses frame. I tried also practicing lips especially the indent above the lips. Even though it is just a practice sketch I do note that the indent should have been shaded in slightly and the lips should be a little smaller in my honest opinion.

And lastly the last picture of a person for the week.


The main point of this picture was to make sure I got the frame of the head, getting the jawline just right, the lips, and the nose. I finally figured out with this drawing how eyes from a side ways view. Note the light shading on the nostril and the very light line weight on the jaw, even though it is a bit stiff I believe this is an ideal base for all future head shots, especially side views like this.

Tutorial: Drawing a Skull

And here is my drawing after watching the tutorial.


While watching the tutorial the thought of the old spooky scary skeletons cartoon popped into my brain and I started to channel that as I was drawing, resulting my skull into being even more over the top cartoon looking then the original cartoon. However I believe it came out rather well, honest I believe it would be seen in a classic cartoon from the old times of steam boat Mickey.

Research: Creation story.

I have been having a tough time trying to truly understand this project. I have heard a few creation stories in my time, the christian story of how god created the earth in 7 days, I’ve heard of, and this is more than likely a stretch, Pinocchio. However I have never truly examined said stories as a whole, simply taking them at face value and nothing more. Now that I am older and wiser I understand that these stories are important to people of various cultures and that said cultures each have their own unique cultures. I do not have any drawings for this part of the journal but I have narrowed my search to either Japanese, Greek, or Persian culture. My apologies for not being so specific right now but I have never encountered a project like this that forces me to stop and look back on my life as such.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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