Journal for Monday April 4th Old man, Hinduism, and Emotions

This Sunday was Easter, a very busy holiday in my house hold we at least 30 people all gather round the table and eat tons of turkey/ham and or mash potatoes and gravy. I myself had a big helping of potatoes with a side order of butter. Regardless after dinner I decided to pull out my sketch book and draw a picture of my grandfather while he and the rest of the family played cards and chatted idly while munching on left overs.


It came out rather light in the scanner but regardless I tried to capture my grandfather’s age in the picture along with his somewhat balding head. I tried using line wait to convey the deep black color of his ever aging hair. I tried using a large curve in roughly the center of his face to convey the way his jaw bone sticks out some times when he is eating. Please note that as old and wrinkly as he appears in my sketch, he truly isn’t actually that old in real life. I honestly just took a bit of liberties when drawing some of the more minute details like with the lips and the chin being very prune like and withered.

Easter dinner aside I also took the time to work more on some semi-final drafts for my Hinduism creation comic featuring Vishnu and his giant cobra.


With the first two panels I am aiming to start with a slight pane up to reveal the snake, using various curvy lines and, in the final version, a contrast of black and white to show the utter darkness that existed before Vishnu awoke. Vishnu being the guy inside the Cobra’s coils.


For this scene I was trying to have the sudden appearance of the sacred “Om” , yes that is what the symbol means, sort of break the surreal blankness that Vishnu and his Cobra were in. However now that I think of it, a better idea has come to mind where I shall put the sacred Om in the back ground and lay the remaining panels over top of it in a particular order as it is a constant presence for the rest of the story.


For this shot, mind you I made this before coming up with the idea to put the sacred Om in the background, was sort of a before and after shot separated by a thin line. In all honesty the sound waves of the Om are going the wrong way, I honestly should have planned that better and will rectify this in the final drawing. Regardless for this slide the idea I gained after drawing it was that if I used a bit of transparency to signify that the cobra was still holding onto Vishnu rather than him being uncoiled. It would create, in my mind, a interesting image and a consistency with the first two slide where Vishnu is coiled up. This is also a little bit of an experiment with using blue ink to go over the pencil marks. I honestly should’ve used black instead as it is rather off putting on anything besides Vishnu who is naturally blue skinned as told by Hinduism.

Last I did a basic sketch of some emotions as a little side practice when not working on the main projects.


It’s not much but I was experimenting by drawing different heads and trying to fit certain emotions with the right head. It’s like seeing a green witch’s face which you usually associate with warts and an odd misshaped head or how someone who is angry is often shown with a larger forehead, at least in the media I tend to watch. Now this is all based on my person experience and child hood experience with these types of heads and are in no way drawn to be realistic.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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