The map to my selfie journey

map         map

My thoughts while working on this piece:

The following image is a map of my journey through Alfred, each location is an icon for something specific to my memory. I started at home which was a chaotic mess as I left before I made it to the Terracotta Coffee shop where I drank a botched batch of coffee due to adding too much sugar to my drink. Following that I made it to one of the two libraries I had to visit, the Herrick Library where I proceeded to spend the next hour playing chess and loosing. You could say my castle crumbled in that game. After a quick break I walked to the statue of King Alfred who I was surprised to find writing and graffiti all over but oddly nothing vulgar. I remembered it being foolish hence the fool hat wearing icon. As the sun began to drop in the sky I moved onto the Schole library where I remember waiting a distinct time, I rounded it up to an hour to be orderly, before I got my library card. Lastly I walked to the Tarracotta building and saw the little shake which reminded me a distinct earthy feel due to the look of the place. After that I walked off in some random direction I don’t recall.

Created by using Sharpie fine point marker, 11×14 Borden Riley paper


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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