Survey of Animation: Flipbook

Here is the link to my flipbook on Vimeo

I did my flipbook in the style of Otto Mesmer. I created two characters, Bosh the Egg and Linex the Telekenetic bunny who uses his powers to move objects around. For this project I watched Feline Follies, All balled up, and False Vases (Felix the cat goes to China). The movement of Bosh I based on the golf ball movement in All balled up. The use of ! and ? were also inspired by how they appear in All balled up. I took a page from Felix’s book and didn’t rely on the laws of reality. What with lightning spawning out from the sky and the container of water rising from the bottom of the shot. Felix often did this to his advantage, using the so called fourth wall to manipulate his situation.

If I had to pick a part where it was least smooth it would have to be the part where Lenix enters, his head wasn’t even in frame for this entire animation something that I rectified in my rework. The most difficult part about design was actually figuring out what Lenix would look like and what kind of personality he would give off. In the animation it is unclear if he is curious or mischievous. I honestly wish I did better in that department. In order to correct this will make it so that the viewer sees his entire body for the next flip book and show a lot more motion rather than just his ear moving. I focus on having more frames so that the motion of the characters would be a lot easier on the eyes. In order to make the character easier to animate I should have made actually just traced him better and with a less dull pencil.

In terms of the ‘shock’ I believe that it was clear that Lenix got a shock, albeit off screen, so I think I conveyed that well enough. If I were to further clarify what was going on, I would include a background to the flip book like placing the setting in a lab or a cabin of some sort. It would add more context to the story and convey it as less random. I believe I could have Lenix actually get electrocuting on screen rather than off screen in order to have him be more shocked, though to be honest I am not sure how his skeletal structure would look like since he is a floating head.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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