Gallery Write up

When I walked into this gallery the first piece i laid eyes on was Reflections by Ann Hamilton.


This piece was like looking into a distorted mirror while sifting through a watery texture that feels like it could be easily. The use of space and hue conveyed to me a sense of longing and twisted self imagery. Like looking into the mirror revealed how one truly thought of themselves. Distorted, blurry, and questionable. The piece gives a sense of unity and harmony as the images surround the darkest image on the bottom center. The texture of the piece honestly conveys a sense of frozen in time. Much like how moments are often stuck in time. Forever to be remembered as a blurred image that grows more distorted with age.

The next piece that drew my eye was I Am, I Will, I’m Afraid. by Traci Molloy.


This piece sucked my eyes to it immediately with it’s limited use of color. The contrast of black in white was quiet shocking when compared to the more colorful pieces of works in the gallery. The use of text overlapped across the image, to me, seems to convey the inner most thoughts of this man in the image. The text conveys a sense of movement that causes my eyes to flow from right to left, it is as if the piece screams at me to read  what the man is saying. Drawing my eyes from top to bottom. I couldn’t look away until I had read it all, taking it into my core and processing it until I was able to finally write down my thought here! It spoke to my inner turmoil inside, creating form in my mind-scape.

The last piece I took note of was Blue Circuits by Diana Cooper.


What does this remind you of? A spotty paint job after hiring that discount painter on ebay? A fresh coat of paint to start a new life? Or perhaps days gone by from a almost forgotten childhood? To me this piece reminds me of growing up. The use of blue paint as a frame for the outlets and the swift movements of the blue reminds me of the care free days of the childhood. Like finger painting with my feet. Just like how the blue paint swiftly moves across the piece.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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