Foundations Class Reflection

When I came into this class as an artist I was little more than some run of the mill guy who believe he could draw. I doodled from time to time but I never truly sat down with a charcoal pencil and bein feng paper and truly drew. I never felt the weight of the pencil when I drew before coming to this class. I never knew the power I had behind my drawings until I truly listened to their cries as I etched them out on a blank canvas. After coming to this class I have discovered my art style and preferred drawing style. I honestly didn’t believe it when I first started but after the third musical drawing I truly began to feel the strength and agility of my hand as it glided and smashed its way across the white barren wasteland of paper that was soon to be covered by charcoal dust and eraser shavings.

When I draw now I throw myself into my work, not just simply get a project done just for the sake of a grade. I want to grab whoever views my puzzles of paper and charcoal and make them truly see into the depths of my scrapes and smudges. I want them to see the way my lines and shapes crash and fuse together, to be put into the mindscape I was in when forging the piece of master work.

After coming to this class and learning the fundamentals about art and how it can take on many various and different forms, including such works as my own. I am determined to keep drawing and always look at the world with an artist’s eye. When I draw now I don’t see my work as idle scribbles or mindless flicks of my tool. I see it as an artist giving birth to new life in the shape of ink on canvas.

I am truly grateful for Professor Constance’s influence and encouragement, without her I don’t think I would’ve discovered this hidden ability of mine. So thank you very much.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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