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Intro to visual comunications: Matrix

When I touch brush to canvas for the first time, how do you think I felt? Nervous? Apprehensive? Confident? No, no. I felt spontaneous and excited! I have never painted before in my life and this was a amazing opportunity … Continue reading

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Computer Animation 1 final

For this final I was supposed to have an Envious tree turn into a pained red wood. ┬áHere is the result.  

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Intro to Visual Comunications Final

For this project I decided to research the Magic the Gather Planeswalkers i.e. the top 5 main mono-colored plainswalkers. However before I start let me explain what exactly a “plainswalker” is.

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Survey Final Animation

10 second preview: Full version: Here is my final project for Survey of Animations. It was inspired by Will Vinton’s work (California Raisens, The Great Cognito, etc..) Moving from one place, as I can vouch for, can feel like a … Continue reading

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Here are two versions: The original: The final version: In this work I manipulated three distinct objects and using various line weights I made them more or less present. I created contrast by minimizing color so that the parts that … Continue reading

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Musical Drawings

“Mask” “Healing” “Fury”

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Survey: Research Paper on Will Vinton

Research paper

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