Intro to Visual Comunications Final

Planes walker

For this project I decided to research the Magic the Gather Planeswalkers i.e. the top 5 main mono-colored plainswalkers. However before I start let me explain what exactly a “plainswalker” is.

A Plainswalker is a being of immense power, born out of a rare few who are born with what is known as a Plainswalker spark. These sparks grant these Plainswalkers their immense powers however it lies dormant until a critical moment in their lives is reached.

In the image from top to bottom are:

Chandra: The mono red Plainswalker, she embraces freedom and loves to set things a light with her flames. Preferring to speak with her flames and fists first. She is the definition of passion and fury. She was born on a plain of artificers and where pyromancy was banned outright. Her spark awoke when she was about to be executed for being a pyromancer.

Gideon: A former blessed warrior of the sun god Heliod, he was responsible for the death of his best friend. This event awoke his spark which flung him into a world of chivalry and knights riding on giant cats.He grew being a part of a local gang  that would help keep the streets of his home town clean and help feed the starving underbelly of the city.

Nissa: A natural born animist, born on the plane of Zendikar (a plain so dangerous that every day is a life threatening experience), she awoke her spark when was in the mind of a elven ritual that would make her immune to the effects of vampires.  She has a deep connection with her home plain and feels the very soul of Zendikar around her.

Jace: An amnesiac boy from a plain of sphinxes and memory manipulation. He was the apprentice to one of his plain’s most intelligent sphinxes, Alhammeret. However unbeknownst to Jace, Alhammeret was using Jace to incite a large war and in turn make a huge profit on selling information stolen from various VIP’s. Jace discovered this some time later and battled the Sphinx in a mind battle, in the end winning and killing his former teacher. This restored his memories and in turn ignited his spark! He is now one of the most intelligent beings in all the multiverse.

Liliana: Born into a family that was quickly swallowed up by war. Liliana had little else in her life besides her brother. However upon return from a large scale battle, her brother was struck with a illness that would quickly claim his life. Liliana, taking a dark deal with the mysterious and shady entity, known only as the Raven Man, she was able to “cure” her brother. By this I mean she turned him into a monstrous brute that went on a killing spree. In the end she had to kill her brother using resurrected undead forged out of her brother’s victims. This ignited her spark which flung her into a world of Gothic horror and intrigue known as Innistrod.





About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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