Journal #6

This week I decided to try channeling the music I listen to into my drawings, trying to morph my lines into faces and appendages. As the notes entered my ears I let my pencil slash across my page like a sword cutting through a straw practice dummy. Within seconds I was carving eyes and noses out of the scattered lines on my page. Soon the face came together and I soon slowed down as the music reached it’s climax!

Out of all my creations and sketches I have forged this week I am most proud of this one.


This is a creature/character that is involved in an upcoming project of mine. It is a project for my figure and motion class where I must create a character and a world that said character exists in. The world I have created is a world where not only Norse gods exist but multiple other gods and creatures of other exist as well. However since this world exists in a post-apocalyptic setting it allows me to warp them from their original appears into new monstrosities of my own violation. I love warping and taking something that interests me, drawing it, and then warping it with charcoal or graphite. This is why I have decided to create more with this idea and world in my mind. I want to flesh out this world and it’s characters. It’s like sparks in my mind as I brainstorm through this world! I can’t wait what this week brings me.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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