Journal #7: Return to Charcoal

This week I crafted two very special works. “Waiting” and “Tension” are their names and even though they have such simple titles they hold, in my eyes, a much grander meaning.

Waiting was formed while I was drawing a live model in the midst of my Figure and Motion class. I was in the midst of listening to a certain devil summoner soundtrack as I drew my charcoal pencil across the canvas’ blank back. As I drew and slammed my pencil across the page I began to make the figure more slim and thinner, almost like a bird as I drew the large almost heart shaped mark on the figure’s back. I took a moment to step back from the drawing and consulted my instructor and my fellow students in order to see what they thought of my work. I do this from time to time in order to gain insight upon my own work, so that I may readdress and bring my work to a much higher level. That is where I got the idea to grow out the fingers, using white charcoal, making them longer and almost ice in appearance. Turning this from what appears to be a bird like specimen into a more demonic and wicked being like the music I had been listening to throughout the work.

Tension on the other hand where Waiting was formed via symphonic angel choruses and demonic war chants, Tension was formed from pure adrenaline and rock! The sheer savagery of the guitarist channeled through my hand and onto the paper. I wanted to capture the very strain of nerves and one’s own pulse as if in a death match!  The thrill of adrenaline you get through your blood as the start of a fight begins! That is what I wished to convey with this work.



About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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