Life from the Moon and the Stars.

I am truly proud of this work. I honestly have a lot of difficulty with coloring in Photoshop as I do not own a tablet. It feels difficult and rather unnatural to my hand due to this however this time it seemed a lot easier and much smoother as I colored my comic.

Moving my digital finger across the screen and blurring the color in a similar  matter to how I would mix charcoal on my drawings  was the bridge I needed in order to fully realize my project!

Through my use of dynamic lines, varying line weights, and motion lines that I read about in Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. I have given this work even more life. Just look at the bottom two panels which symbolize the birth of both of Moon’s wives, Morningstar and Eveningstar respectively. I combined the colored portion of the image with the base black and white charcoal drawing in order to capture more of a exploding feeling that I wanted to capture. Creating a dynamic looking panel that captures your eyes!

I know I did not use any word balloons in the work as I honestly believed it would take away from the overall work. I preferred that the viewer would look at each individual image one at a time and then digest it as a whole without the use of words. In my opinion this blows my past comic out of the water! I have come so far from simply applying a gradient on a background and using simple flat colors. I have finally crossed the digital barrier with my work and now I will keep using it to enhance my work.  I am so happy that I have been given this second chance to retake this class and I am truly grateful for it as I have learned a lot this second time around.

This story is from the Wakaranga tribe from what is now modern day Zimbabwe. It tells the tale of how god created Moon who comes, sends him to live at the bottom of the sea, yet Moon desires to live on land knowing how truly hard it will be. Soon moon grows lonely and begins to drown in this loneliness but god takes pity on him and brings him a companion. Moon’s first wife, Morningstar who he sleeps with and in turn creates the lush landscape. However after two years Morningstar had to leave as was the arrangement and thus Moon wept once more. God took pity on Moon once more and gave him a second wife, Eveningstar, who he was warned that he would die if he slept with her. Yet moon desired it and slept with her anyway, giving birth to the animals of the world.



About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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