Over the course of this semester i have grown as an artist. I have grown much more fond of charcoal and I truly believe I have come into my own. I truly love charcoal, even if it does make one heck of a mess. I truly love using it and making my charcoal drawings or rather in this case. My charcoal self-portrait. 


This time I used the technique I have developed over the course of both spring and this past fall semester. Listening to my music and taking hold of the charcoal firmly slashing it across my material like a swordsman! Slashing wildly at first but soon turning these wild slashes into a more controlled and much more unique work. I used multiple layers of both black and white charcoal to capture the brightness and contrast of my face being swallowed in shadow.  My soulless black eye starring out into nothingness yet piercing the viewer like a arrow through the heart. I manipulated the charcoal’s value by smothering both types of the charcoal until they produced different hues before then smoothing and spreading them throughout my portrait.

I truly wished to show what I have learned and how my technique and art style has developed compared to the previous year’s image. I honestly think I have succeeded, not in capturing realism, but rather capturing the feel and tone of my picture through my use of simple charcoal.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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