Interactive Authoring: Moving shapes

In this project I wanted to try moving things around in reverse and making shapes flip around with the press of a button, I used just the triangle for this so to keep it simple. Here is a still image of the project. I also made it so that when the mouse is clicked then the square/rectangle moves as well as points on the triangle.
Here is my code:

int Nothing = 0;
int Berny = 1;
int Dual = 2;

//Double Digits
int Oryon = 12;
int Kennedy = 20;
int Alex = 22;
int Demon = 28;
int Life = 42;
int Coin = 50;

// Triple Digits
int Keagan = 100;
int Vampire = 110;
int Elf = 150;
int Goblin = 200;
int Godzilla = 230;
int Finals = 250;

// Set Up
void setup() {
void draw() {

// Growing and quick shrink Circle
if (keyPressed == true){
Goblin = Goblin – Berny;
Vampire= Vampire – Dual;
// Spasming rectangle

if (mousePressed == true){
Elf = Elf – Berny;
Demon = Demon + Berny;
fill(random(Finals), random(Keagan), random(Oryon));
rect( Elf, Demon, Life, Life);
rect( Elf, Demon, Life, Life);
// Clingy Triangle

if (keyPressed == true){
Vampire = Goblin + Berny;
triangle(Goblin,Vampire, Godzilla, Demon, Elf, Demon);




About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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