Peer critique

Video I am critiquing 

In this animation Thomas Casterline has created a walking cycle dubbing it a moon walking. However this animation is no such moon walk. It looks much more akin to someone tip toeing forward. It lacks any sort of squash and stretch with the torso being very stiff and rigid with no sense of swaying or natural rhythm.

The feet movement, specifically for when it just hits the ground between steps rather than smoothly touching down, is a big issue as well. It is like Norman has suction cups for feet almost, plummeting straight the ground between a frame. The head does not move very much if at all. There is slowdown or build up at all in this animation nor is there any sort of exaggeration creating a very stale looking movement.

Perhaps for the next animation make your character’s head bob up and down as it moves as well as try to off set your arms’ movement from each other. Nothing in your body is ever in perfect sync. So neither should your character if you go for total realism.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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