Self Critique

Over the course of this semester I believe I have indeed grown as an animator. In the past I have only dipped my toes in animation but with this class I have started truly delve into what Maya can do. In the beginning of this semester, I didn’t know just how truly difficult and, at times, tedious animating can be. Even simple 5 second animations can take an entire month’s worth of time and effort to perfect. This brings me to the something I’ve been needing to address, not only in this class but during the semester as a whole. My time management.

Starting a little before the semester started I had moved out of my parents’ place and moved into a apartment in Hornell. This move has made maintaining my job at Dunkin Donuts extremely important and as such I have had to spend entire weekends back home in order to maintain enough money to pay for rent, even during college. As such my weekdays were very much days I should’ve spent working on projects and assignments. However this isn’t what I did, I often pushed projects off to the last minute, resulting in lack luster work which has made my grades suffer as a result. I truly was foolish and now realize my folly. Starting next semester I will do my very best to get things done ahead of time and with quality instead of simply doing an entire animation in one night.

As the semester moved on I saw my skills in Maya improve, specifically getting to know how to utilize the Norman rig which at first was very difficult. However as it continued and I learned how to utilized Norman’s various different parts and mechanics I believe my animations improved. I will continue to utilize this Norman rig over the break in order to practice my animation making skills and in order to do better next time I have to do such an animation for class.

One last thing that I noticed over the course of my work this semester is the inclusion of the elements and principals of design. I have noticed that i often have a hard time transferring ideas to paper in my classes last semester and especially during this year as well. I often misunderstand how to use principals like Squash and Stretch or Follow through. As you can be seen especially in my bouncing ball and sitting in a chair animations. I often have a hard time incorporating these elements into my animations and the only way that I can see myself grow even further as an animator is by practicing. Only by practicing again and again with these elements that make animations giants like Disney and Pixar  great, can I truly improve and grow as a artist and animator.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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