Interactive Design: Assignment 2 Images

Here is my draft for my 2nd assignment in the Interactive design class.

Here are the 3 drawings I have done that will be used for this project.

Why did I choose these images? These three images are some of my best work in my opinion. The use of charcoal in these works utilize contrast and shape to captivate my eyes and the variety in line weight combined with the value shifts in blacks and whites. I make some of my best at working with charcoal in hand and on my finger tips. I can create such vivid strokes and shades with simple black and white charcoal. Each of these three images holds meaning to my heart and were utilized in a comic project for my Figure and Motion class. All of these pictures were set to music and were crafted to the beat of my steps as I danced while drawing.

Consumed, a feeling of being utterly destroyed or ingested by something. The sheer amount of black charcoal swallows the white charcoal symbolizes this. This was the part in the comic where the hero was lost and all alone. Rendering him consumed by his fears and the pain of loneliness. There is no light besides his own and it is being devoured by his pain or in this case black charcoal. This is not a calm or peaceful process, it is painful and horrifying as indicated by the streaks of white across the page. It’s as if his very being is being torn apart or digested by the black. The music I utilized during this work was very dark, depressing, giving off a sense of dread or even death.

Life Giver, a work forged out of passion and craft by listening to uplifting music that ignited my spark of creativity. Fingers clutch at fire for warm and to seek shelter in the heat it creates. It was the part in the comic where life started to enter the picture and began to incorporate much more white space and white charcoal into my work.

Birth, a new beginning; the start of a new life. This is the part of the story where new life truly begins, much more so than mere fire descending upon the world. Rather it is as if a torrent of life energy is shooting forth from the opening. Much more dynamic lines were used in this illustration in order to create an almost explosion of force outward from the center. While drawing this I listen to the sounds of chores and almost angelic sounding beats to get myself in the right mind set for giving new life.

The way I create these drawings is much in a vein  to  Jackson Pollock. How he could create great works out of seemingly random, to an observer, splashes of paint. Creating such works as “Ocean Greyness” or  “Echo: Number 25”.  His drip painting style retroactively inspired me to continue doing these charcoal drawings well after my figure and motion class ended.

Jackson Pollock paintings I pulled inspiration from:

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About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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