Peer Review: 3d Animation

For my 3D animation class I am supposed to do a peer review on another student’s work who is also taking the class. I decided to do a critique of Thomas Casterline’s Emotion project.

Here is the video I am critiquing:

In this animation Thomas’s used the Morpheus rig in order to fully control the shift in expressions that were needed to convey the range of emotions needed for this project.

In the animation Thomas  does an overall smooth job shifting the character from one emotion to the next, utilizing anticipation between the two to build up a small sense of tension before the character hits his breaking point. However during that moment of tension, the character’s arms seems to become very stiff and thus causes the sense of illusion I receive to be thrown away. Breaking my immersion.

However the use of squash and stretch for the facial features really helps rein that suspension I lost. They are very fluid and helped to pull my interest back in after the hiccup with the stilted arms and hands. There is also a good of Overlapping action and follow threw with the arm towards the end.

Out of everything in this animation I believe the strongest element used was exaggeration. I have seen people who act just like this character in my life and with the exaggerations in movement and facial movements it was the key reason why I didn’t dismiss this animation after it’s hiccups.

Overall a good animation with some small problems, a few tweaks such as fixing the stilted limps at points and this could be even better.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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