Gallery Write Up #2: Interactive Design

Earlier today I visited the Alfred University Art Museum and had a look around. This was the first ever time I’ve visited this place and I was surprised to see such a variety of art. Three works that stood out to me, Cello, Spooks, Untitled by Gary Erickson.

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First I’d like to talk about Cello by Kristen Morgin from 1997. A work that looks like it was pulled from the remnants of a old wreck. A blast from the past or a fossil of it’s time take your pick. Regardless it just amazes me that such a work still can exist. It’s fragility and skinny appearance reflects fallen grace of ages old and past. The contrast between the stone and the instrument is minimum.

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Spooks by Mark Burns was actually the first work I saw upon entering the Museum. My initial thoughts were who marathon every Tim Burton movie all at once and got high on sugar. Then I read when it was created. This work came out exactly 1 year after Tim Burton’s first movie in 1985.  This work looks very macabre and too sweet to stomach, creating an almost appalling look with it’s four characters.  It is definitely the second most unique work I saw during my trip through the gallery.

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The title for most unique work belongs to this. Untitled by Gary Erickson. I was with a colleague and we discussed the possible meaning behind this work. God creates man, man creates artist who then in turn creates god. A strange cycle but a thought provoking idea nonetheless. God is the big head, the artist is the man on the later and the art is the man on the ship.

I saw all three of these works and I wondered just how I could relate it to my own work. My own work, deals mostly with charcoal and some Maya work. I do not see myself as an animator but rather a modeler. I enjoy creating constructs in maya and rigging them to work. In this sense I deal with three dimensional work much like these artists above. However after seeing and experiencing these works it invigorates me to push my boundaries a little and try making more than simple props. I’m going to try working on more Maya work this summer and I’m already going to be working on a 3d dog and rig. I want to push what I can do in, perhaps in a similar vein to what the artists above have done.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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