Gallery Write Up: Interactive Design #1

This past week I visited Cohen Center for the Arts. I took pictures of three works of art that truly caught my eye. The Frog Prince, Pyramid Palindrome, Flame.

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First I’d like to talk about The Frog Prince, a Lidded Pot created by Jim Howard in 1982. The intricate design of this work intrigued my eye. Just looking at this bronze sculpted makes me think of a frog. The color and bumpy exterior reminds me of seeing frogs as a child, a great use of texture and form.

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Next I’d like to talk about Pyramid Palindrome made by an unknown artist. What is a palindrome? I asked myself as I examined this work. After leaving the gallery I decided to look up just what it was and found out that a palindrome is something that can be read the same both backwards and forward. I was unable to touch the work to test if flipping the work would look the same. The way this work is shaped and molded utilized form in such a way that the shadow it creates helps give more meaning to it’s name.

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Lastly we have Flame, a piece from the Hanley Library. However the artist was not listed. By examining this piece and going off the name I see this work as a jet of flame sculpted in bronze as it erupts from the earth like a geyser. This by far is the greatest use of form in the gallery. Creating, in my mind, bubbling flame as it tries to move upward.

I asked myself how this work pertains to my own work. These three works care a sense of emotion to them. Similar to my own charcoal work. However these are able to captivate emotional feelings in them without need for explanation. This is something I am struggling with and will continue to work on for the future.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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