Interactive Media: 10/10 Check in

I believe it is important to know what your getting into when assigned a project for something you have no remote experience with. In this case, Virtual Reality. I am with the team who are working on a horror VR game. I have never played around with VR before. Sure I heard about it around the internet, seen some people make videos about playing it, even almost purchase a HTC Vive myself at one point. Yet it wasn’t until today that I went down to the VR lab and put on the HTC Vive for the first time ever that I truly got my feet wet in VR. 

Firstly, I’d like to talk about my experience. When not bumping into walls like a fool I was having my mind blown. Controllers in hand, headset attached to my face, and computer on my back. The over all weight wasn’t much and I only felt the headset’s minor strain on my head after about an hour of playing. I played about 50 minutes of that hour with no sound but when I did find out I could use headphones I quickly had them put on and my immersion grew even more. So sound is a must and vitally important in VR games. I now understand why all those people on YouTube scream so loudly when they play VR horror games.

I had to experience VR first before I could truly understand how to press forward. So now with the experience in mind I can continue forward on this project.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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