Interactive Media: Analyzing the Juice

I’ve had to think of this a lot, out of my collection of games which ones are the juiciest? Which ones give the best feedback when I play them? Well out of my collection I believe there are two games that I own that are the juiciest. Yakuza 0 and Final Fortress. 

Yakuza 0 is a Grand Theft Auto styled beat em up where you play as members of the yakuza. You play as a both Goro Majima and Kazuma Kiryu, two yakuza members with their own troubles but both interesting characters to play as when entering combat. Speaking of combat, combat in Yakuza 0 is you verses usually three to seven enemies. However you have a three various combat styles to utilize in your pursuit of clearing the streets of Tokyo, Osaka, and various other locations.

Both Majima and Kiryu each have their own flashy combat styles. Majima’s Break dancing, Thug, and Slugger and Kiryu’s Brawler, Rush, and Beast.  In my opinion the battle system is the juiciest part of the game! For every punch your controller vibrates, for every button press a punch or kick thrown. Heavier attacks are rewarded with flashier actions done and with that your controller vibrates harder. For example, a simple grab can turn from throwing a guy into a wall to snapping an enemies neck and then suplexing them into the ground. When you beat up an enemy cash flies out of them like broken ATMS giving you more incentive to fight battles.

Related image

One of the finishers of the game

However due to the sheer juiciness of the combat the rest of the game seems to lack it. The story plays out in standard cut-scenes with a few even having you hit a button or else take damage. Yet even as I sit there watching I always am intrigued by the story and just where it will go.

Final Fortress on other other hand is a game I had on my phone for well over a month and I keep going back to every now and then. Why? It’s rewarding to play day after day. You receive rewards upon logging in and as you click on building you get more and more money to upgrade your defenses. Every click is rewarded with a ding or a ping signifying your input.

Image result for final fortress idle defense

Each tap of of a finger on the screen causes the world to shake and rattle as your money exponentially grows. Yet when the time comes to defend your buildings you switch into a sort of tower defense mode. One where you tap your tower to shoot at zombies which surprisingly have a variety of different appearance. In my total game time I saw at least 30 different models. But one does not simply kill a zombie with a gun, rather you have a variety of weapons such as nukes, space lasers, rattling cannons, etc that all make a variety of noises as you click them.

However if there were to be improvements of juiciness I would have to say making the actual buildings themselves more animated. Normally when you click on the building or various rooms of said building you see a second long animation and then collect your cash with a little jingle. That is all. If I could add something I would add more animations to the rooms, make it so various swipes causes the characters to move around and even during the defense engagements I’d have the buildings themselves move.


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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