Interactive Media: Documentation

I was a member of the grey wolf group that was part of the Animals Interactive project. We had to team up with a biologists in order to communicate research in animal behavior or conservation.

Over the course of this project I was tasked with drawing backgrounds art. Starting with charcoal sketches and working my way towards Photoshop. I then had to create backgrounds using just Photoshop. I have never had to do shading before and as such it was a very big struggle for me. However I did my best and created the work you see bellow.

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Our game was shown at the science museum in Rochester, New York on December 2nd and 3rd 2017. I was only able to make it on the 3rd of December due to scheduling conflicts and while I attended the kiosk only person played it before I had to leave. Said person looked at the game, played it for a few seconds and then left. Sadly they left before I was able to get footage of them playing.

The game my group designed featured a grey wolf and its interactions with other stimuli in it’s environment. Originally it was supposed to be a wolf running away in a burning forest, hence the ashen trees towards the beginning of the slide show. But as we continued to work on it there were many changes to be made. The word open world game was thrown out and I drew up a bigger map. I created multiple drawings of different seasons. An idea was there was supposed to be randomized maps.  A point and click in these maps was another idea. Ultimately none of my assets were used in the final game which I do find disappointing however I understand that things change as production moves forward.

The end result of the game was a mouse controlled wolf that moved side to side as things such as fire, rabbits, and bunnies, fell down the screen. When your wolf touched the object is did a good or bad response.

I was very passive at the start of the project, excited to do some work with outside people and other people in my class I never knew. But as the project grew more and more towards the end of the semester I found myself getting frustrated at certain members. If there is anything else I have learned from this project, it’s you need to know when to truly put your foot down in order move things forward!


About Alex Mandzi

I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.
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