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I'm a new artist and wish to become a game designer. I like cartoons and draw them as well.

Adv. Modeling, Texturing, & Lighting – Alstom Project

Here is my train for the Alstom project. Advertisements

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Interactive Media: Documentation

I was a member of the grey wolf group that was part of the Animals Interactive project. We had to team up with a biologists in order to communicate research in animal behavior or conservation. Over the course of this … Continue reading

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Interactive Review #3:

When I went to the Rochester Science Museum this last weekend I wasn’t expecting much. Perhaps a statue or two of famous scientists, maybe an interactive kiosk of gravity or something. I was going to be sitting down in a … Continue reading

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Final Project: Production 1 Here is my final project for production 1. I wanted to try reviewing XCOM 2, one of my favorite games. But as I worked on the project it turned into more of a let’s talk about the game. So … Continue reading

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Proposal for final project

There are many kinds of entertainers out there, stand up comedians, movie stars, let’s players, and critics. Name a form of entertainment and you will find someone critiquing on it for nothing is perfect. What once was seen as a … Continue reading

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Cider Creek Hard Cider project: Winter’s Cinn

Out of all the labels I saw and got to physically get my hands on I liked Winter’s Cinn best. I love winter themed goods and I wanted  to take my shot at designing a label for it. Snow themed, … Continue reading

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It’s the little things, the dripping of a faucet, the tapping of nails, the pounding of hands on a desk, etc. These little things cumulative and can result in stress building up. These noises clutter the mind resulting in pain … Continue reading

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