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Cider Creek Hard Cider project: Winter’s Cinn

Out of all the labels I saw and got to physically get my hands on I liked Winter’s Cinn best. I love winter themed goods and I wanted  to take my shot at designing a label for it. Snow themed, … Continue reading

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Everyday we have to deal with the products of our environment, the sights, the sounds, the warmth of the sun, the chill of the rain, etc. For me this is even more apparent. Think of a maelstrom of images, sounds, … Continue reading

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Interactive Media: 10/17 models

For today’s class I created a fuse box, it’s panel, and some screws for the player to unscrew. I also created a fuse, both broken and not broken. The player will have to replaces fuses that are busted on the … Continue reading

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Gallery Write Up: Interactive Design #1

This past week I visited Cohen Center for the Arts. I took pictures of three works of art that truly caught my eye. The Frog Prince, Pyramid Palindrome, Flame.

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Journal #14: Nearing the End

Hello all, this week I have been working towards finishing my final projects for this class while also manage other finals for my other classes. It honestly has been very stressful and to be quiet honest borderline maddening. I have … Continue reading

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Journal #7: Return to Charcoal

This week I crafted two very special works. “Waiting” and “Tension” are their names and even though they have such simple titles they hold, in my eyes, a much grander meaning.

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