Interactive Media: 10/10 Check in

I believe it is important to know what your getting into when assigned a project for something you have no remote experience with. In this case, Virtual Reality. I am with the team who are working on a horror VR game. I have never played around with VR before. Sure I heard about it around the internet, seen some people make videos about playing it, even almost purchase a HTC Vive myself at one point. Yet it wasn’t until today that I went down to the VR lab and put on the HTC Vive for the first time ever that I truly got my feet wet in VR.  Continue reading

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Adv. Modeling, Texturing, & Lighting: Substance Painter

Substance Painter, something I have never really understood before until now. I’ve never used this before but I opened it up and I used a sample provided by the program called MAT.

I looked through various materials and found the bone material and placed it upon the head and body and then began to paint it up. I wanted to make MAT look like a recently uncovered ancient toy of some sort. With odd markings and such so I used the bio-hazard symbols for eyes and cogs to form a mouth.

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Interactive Media: Assets and Level Design

So I’ve done it. This is the first game I have ever created. It has been a childhood dream to do this and I am so ecstatic that I was able to finally to create this. So here it is, Paige VS. Cultists.

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Production #1: Proposal

So I was given the choice of doing a documentary about literally anything. So I thought up a ton of ideas as one does when you are given creative freedom. I thought of zombies, big foot, tiny feet, and other random nonsense. So throwing all that stuff away, I’m going to do a magic the gathering based documentary. So for my project I will be doing a documentary about how one plays magic the gathering.

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Adv. Modeling: Project 1 – Chess Set Character Sculpt

For this project are group decided to make a chess set centered around giant robots. I wanted to do the bishop from the start so getting to make a bishop bot or church bot as I have nicknamed him was very fun. I especially like the work I did on the shield arms.  Continue reading

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Production 1: Repurpose Project

I love comedy. So for this project I wanted to make the viewer laugh. SO I took three videos and repurposed both the audio and the video to create this work. Continue reading

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48 hour Game Jam: My contributions

With the theme of Urban legends in mind my group thought up about how when we kids and how when we were little we would quickly run up the stairs. Scared of what might lurk in the darkness. Utilizing my past with charcoal I quickly started to draw all sorts of designs for the creature in the dark. Continue reading

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